Why choose AM360’s antimicrobial expertise?

Eliminate up to 99.9% of microbes in your hygiene-critical areas with AM360

We understand the importance of sourcing materials which are sterile, non-toxic and scratch resistant in order to ensure the highest possible level of microbe control. 

Our experience extends to working alongside architects, builders and facility managers to ensure that specified hygiene control measures are met by incorporating antimicrobial wall sheeting, flooring, paint and adhesives into the fit-out design. Projects we have worked on include commercial kitchens, schools, medical facilities and laboratories. 

As independent suppliers, we have a high level of flexibility in sourcing materials from different manufacturers to meet the individual needs of your fit-out requirements. If you are facing unique hygiene control challenges, we can approach your fit-out with a customised approach. 

All of the products we source utilise silver-ion technology* which effectively assists in preventing contamination and disease infection. The billions of microscopic silver-ion particles in our products turn walls, ceilings and floors into sterile surfaces which are very easy to wipe clean. 

Independent lab testing has shown the effectiveness of silver-ions against the Top Ten most common pathogens or ‘superbugs’ which can be found in just about every public environment.

In an independent lab test, 10 common microbes were selected, and each of them was incubated on a leading brand of antimicrobial wall panels for 24hrs at 98.6 °F and >90 RH.

Because of the superior performance that silver-ion products offer in terms of preventing the spread of germs, it is now a widely specified building material in high traffic areas – from the corridors of primary schools to the walls of operating theatres – the highest possible level of microbe control.

*Please note that all our products contain ionic silver, unlike other products on the market which contain nano silver. According to researchers at Rice University, in order for silver to be effective in killing bacteria, it has to be in its ionised form. Nano silver is therefore benign in the presence of microbes.

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