Frequently Asked Questions​

Everything you need to know about AM360’s range of products

What is the difference between antimicrobial products and antibacterial products?

The short answer is: antimicrobial products do more!

Antibacterial materials inhibit the growth of bacteria, which can result in the elimination of those organisms.

Antimicrobial formulations inhibit not just the growth of bacteria, but also mould, fungi and viruses. This provides a more comprehensive solution for infection control in areas where hygiene needs to be maintained to the highest possible standards.

The types of moulds and fungal infections that AM360 materials can help prevent include Aspergillus niger. This is a fungus that is the causative agent “black mould.” Further antiviral protection is offered against common cold viruses, influenza (including SARS-cov viruses), MRSA and E. coli.

Do your products contain ionic silver? Or nano silver?

All of our products contain ionic silver, unlike other products on the market which contain nano silver. According to researchers at Rice University, in order for silver to be effective in killing bacteria, it has to be in its ionised form. Nano silver is therefore benign in the presence of microbes.

How long does it take for the antimicrobial protection of AM360 products to work?

This depends on a number of factors including the type of microbes that exist in the environment.

In the case of our wall panel products, it takes just minutes for the reproductive functions of microbes to start being inhibited. After 15 minutes, up to 80 percent of microbes will have been eliminated and after a handful of hours 99.9 percent of microbes will have been killed.

Do the surfaces of your antimicrobial products require cleaning?

Yes, is the short answer.

Our products are antimicrobial, but not self-cleaning. They are designed to complement existing infection control practices, not replace them.

Unlike unprotected surfaces, antimicrobial surfaces prevent growth and kill microbes, including dangerous pathogens, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, using AM360 materials are not a substitute for thorough and regular hygiene practices.

Do AM360 products improve infection control?

Yes! Improving infection control is what we’re all about. 

Let’s use a typical school setting as an example.

Walking the corridors between the classes, a student sneezes. Shortly after they happen to touch a wall as they turn a corner, or push open a door. This immediately results in a viral transfer onto that surface from the student’s hand.

On an ordinary surface, that virus can then take hold and start to multiply over time. As the day goes on, the risk that another student touching that infected surface will increase. It could be days until that area is cleaned as part of regular school maintenance.

On an AM360 surface, the antimicrobial formula springs into immediate action working to neutralise the virus and inhibit its growth. As the day goes on, the surface continues to reduce the risk of the virus spreading, as the germs can’t gain a foothold. With regular cleaning providing the finishing touches on any virus or infectious material that may have been transferred, hygiene control is significantly improved. 

Are our products food-safe and non-toxic?

Absolutely, yes.

The antimicrobial agents of our products do not leach into the environment or onto skin when touched. The products are completely safe for people to use for any reason in any industry, from food preparation to surgical theatres.

What types of microorganisms can your products protect against?

The silver ions infused in our antimicrobial products inhibit the growth of mould, fungi, viruses and bacteria. Independent lab testing has shown that silver ions eliminate common pathogens or ‘superbugs’ such as MRSA, E.Coli and Staph by up to 99%.

How are your wall sheeting products installed?

AM360 wall sheets are easy to install and can even be fitted over existing tiles, brickwork, blockwork, plaster walls and boarded-out stud partitions. The sheets fix directly to the dry substrate using professional adhesives.

To ensure there are no gaps or crevices for microbes to hide and multiply in, sheets can be cut to size and fixed using hot welded joints. Sheets can be expertly thermoformed on-site ensuring a professional finish and minimised edge joints around corners, windows and doors. External corners in high traffic areas can also be over-clad with robust corner protectors.

Our team can assist in arranging an accredited installer for your project to ensure sheeting is fitted correctly.

What is MicroSurface flooring?

MicroSurface is a high performance, long lasting, low maintenance safety flooring with a lifetime antimicrobial guarantee. It prevents the growth of bacteria, fungi and other microbes in hygiene critical spaces such as operating rooms, food preparation areas and wet rooms. MicroSurface was designed to be simple to clean and disinfect, unlike standard flooring materials, which can be challenging to clean and may harbour germs and other microbes.

Silver ions are permeated through the flooring which allows the silver ion technology to continue working throughout the lifespan of the flooring. It provides an easy-to-clean and slip-resistant surface, ideal for high traffic areas.

Are your products impact resistant?

Yes. Our PVC based sheeting products will continue to provide protection against the spread of microbes even when knocked, dented or stained. They are ideal for use in wet or dry areas and especially suited to high-traffic areas, acting as a protective buffer against everyday bumps and impacts.

Are your products scratch resistant?

Our AM-Guard wall sheeting is a scratch resistant product. The sheeting provides tough protection against trolleys and scuff marks, particularly in corridors. If damaged, it maintains its antimicrobial performance, as the silver ions are infused into the PVC during the manufacturing process, therefore guaranteeing antimicrobial performance for 30 years. 

Due to its textured surface, AM-Guard antimicrobial wall sheeting is 20 times more scratch-resistant than other standard PVC sheeting products. While standard PVC wall cladding is easier to clean and keep hygienic than many other wall surfaces, over time damage is inevitable and any scratches and chips can harbour microbes, therefore potentially spreading infection.

How often do your products need to be replaced or reapplied?

All of our wall sheeting products have a 30 year guarantee and our MicroSurface flooring is guaranteed for 15 years.

We recommend reapplication of our MicroShield range of antimicrobial paints every 2-3 years, or as required, due to ongoing wear and tear and maintenance programs to keep facilities looking fresh and up keeping hygienic environments

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