Day care centres, early learning, schools, tafes and universities are reknown for cross contamination and infection risks due to the confinement of people in small rooms and continuous contact between people. Not to mention that multiple door handles, railings, desks, chairs, and common surfaces being touched over and over during the day and night by thousands of hands clean and not so clean.

Sasmatic cleaning has been the only defence offered until recently when Covid precautions entered the scene, with forced hand sanitising and more efforts with cleaning regimes introduced. However, the fact still remains that education facilities need more to protect their students, teachers, workers and general visiting population from infection.

AM360 recognises the need to assist with the war on infection in these facilities through the introduction of antimicrobial products for internal and external surfaces to wet areas and canteens to commercial kitchens, creating 360° protection all year round 24/7.

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Food and Beverage

Food safety begins at the earliest stages of planning a restaurant, cafeteria, bar or food court fit-out. The installation of food safe components goes a long way in ensuring that customers do not experience sickness caused by cross contamination or exposure to germs. 

This is why choosing a wall sheeting, flooring and paint products which are easy to clean, antimicrobial as well as being aesthetically pleasing should be the ultimate goal when designing any hospitality fit-out.

In areas where AM-Clad antimicrobial products has been installed in hospitality premises, viruses and bacteria simply cannot live long enough to gain a foothold to start spreading.

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Health and Aged Care

Although one would argue that the health industry and the aged care industry are uniquely different in many ways, however when it comes to infection prevention and control, they come together with a common purpose to break the chain of infection using similar systems and processes.

Cleaning practices alone do not prevent cross contamination or break the chain with instantaneous sanitising. Cleaning effectively kills all bacteria present at the time, however it does not generally achieve ongoing protection, leaving the surfaces vulnerable for reinfection.

 AM360 have developed antimicrobial impact resistant wall sheeting, flooring systems and mould proof paint and coatings in effect creating an around the clock antimicrobial 360° protection.

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Labs and Pharmaceutical

We rely on research through laboratories to find cures for diseases and to understand the world of microorganisms. This means that lab envrionments need to have the highest standards of infection control. Similarly, pharmaceuticals are meticulously manufactured to be sterile and ready to administer without fear of contamination.

Both industries need to conform to up-to-date restrictions and specifications outlined by standards and regulations to maintain contamination free environments. AM360 supplies products that create sterile environments that meet these requirements from floor to wall to ceiling, maintaining the required standards year on year.

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Recreational facilities

Recreational facilities such as gyms, leisure centres, sports centres, pools and day spas are essential to many people’s mental and physical health. An integral part of helping people look and feel their best is keeping them safe from harmful germs and bacteria.

This is why choosing materials which are easy to clean, antimicrobial as well as being aesthetically pleasing should be the ultimate goal when designing the fit-out of any recreational facility.

AM360 recognises the need to assist this sector with the war on infection through the introduction of antimicrobial products which offer protection all year round.

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Vets and nurses work tirelessly to keep our beloved pets safe and healthy. It is vital that veterinary facilities are kept as infection free environments, not only from humans but also from animal cross contamination. Similar standards of hygiene to that of hospitals are required, especially as most vet centres carry out operations as well as standard consultations and treatments.

AM360 recognise the need to create similar sterile environments and offer antimicrobial fit out materials, proven to eliminate microbes by up to 99.9% in just 2 hours. These products make facilities a safe and protected environment with antimicrobial safety floors, scratch-resistant walls & doors, examination tops, mould proof paints and coatings for walls, cages and ceilings.

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