MicroSurface Antimicrobial Safety Flooring


  • Hospitals
  • Aged care
  • Restaurants
  • Pubs, clubs and bars

What is MicroSurface antimicrobial safety flooring?
MicroSurface is a high performance, long lasting, low maintenance safety flooring with a lifetime antimicrobial guarantee.

The R10 range is designed to mix and match with its plain and chipped colour range and has a unique ‘orange peel’ appearance offering an alternative to standard smooth vinyl. It has the advantage of ‘all the way through’ maximum wear layer slip resistance for added security.

antimicrobial safety flooring

The MicroSurface R11 & R12 ranges offer ‘all the way through’ aggregates (silicone carbide, aluminium oxide & quartz) which are specially designed for use in extreme safety critical areas such as commercial kitchens, for maximum wear layer slip resistance safety.

Resistant to bacterial and viral colonisation, MicroSurface antimicrobial safety flooring kills viruses and prevents the growth of bacteria, mould and viruses such as: 

  • COVID-19
  • E.Coli
  • Influenza
  • MRSA

MicroSurface antimicrobial safety flooring product specs

Standard roll sizes

Coverage: 40m2
Length: 20m
Width: 2m
Thickness: 2mm

Surface finish

Embossed, textured, scratch-resistant

Technical Profile Overview

Antimicrobial: ISO-22196: 2011, Log10> 4.83 – 99.9%
Flooring Type: Safety Flooring
Weight: 2.45kg/m2
Sound insulation: ISO140-8, 5 dB
Indentation: EN422 < 0.10mm

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Fire Behaviour

EN 13501-1, ISO 9239-1, ISO 11925-2, EC95/28, FMVSS302, CMVSS302, BS 6853:1999, BS 476 pt 7, Din 5510-1(R10) Din 5510-2 (R11&R12) CAN/ULC – S102.2 – TESTED

Class Bfl-s1, Critical Radient Flux >8kW/m2, Smoke Obscuration <750% minutes, PASS, PASS, PASS, Cat 1b, Class1, SF2 (R10) SF3 (R11&R12)

MicroSurface flooring is available in a range of colours

MicroSurface comes in a rainbow of colours that complement common interior design themes seen across a range of industries. Speak to your AM360 representative for a list of available colours.

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