MicroShield Antimicrobial Paints

Inhibits 99.9% of bacterial growth on painted surfaces


  • Commercial and domestic kitchens
  • Hospital operating theatres
  • Dental surgeries 
  • Bathrooms and laundries
  • Food storage
  • Motor homes
  • Aged care
  • Restaurants
  • Office blocks
  • Hotels and multi-residential apartments
  • Schools and kindergartens
    antimicrobial paints

    MicroShield is a range of antimicrobial paints made in Australia and exclusive to AM360. These paints are hard wearing and offer scuff-resistant interior wall finishes with excellent washability and stain removal properties. 

    Additionally, MicroShield antimicrobial paints have silver ion technology* incorporated into the paint formula which inhibits bacterial growth 24/7. The silver ions are an integral part of the product; it will not rub off, will not leach out and will last for the active lifetime of the finish. The silver ion formulation is FDA, EPA and food contact approved and is also registered on the European BPR.

    Resistant to bacterial and viral colonisation, MicroShield’s formulation kills viruses and prevents the growth of bacteria, mould, and viruses such as: 

    • COVID-19
    • E.Coli
    • Influenza
    • MRSA

    MicroShield antimicrobial paints help to maintain a sterile and hygienic environment and are suitable for use in hygiene critical areas such as hospitals, surgical practices, commercial kitchens, laboratories and aged care homes.

    How do MicroShield paints protect against bacteria?

    Step 1

    The silver ions bind to the cell wall, disrupting growth

    Step 2

    The ions interfere with enzyme production, stopping the cell producing energy

    Step 3

     The cell’s DNA is interrupted, preventing replication      

    Every colour of the rainbow

    MicroShield antimicrobial paints are available in every shade imaginable as they can be matched to any colour you require to complement your interior design needs. Speak to one of our AM360 team members to request samples. Made to order – you provide the colour, we’ll tint to match

    Ease of applicaton

    MicroShield paints glide on evenly then level to an ultra-smooth finish with an elegant look, providing a tough, long lasting finish which bonds extremely well to the surface. Suitable for application on interior walls, paper faced boards, plaster, fibrous plaster, cement sheet, masonry and brick.


    • Antimicrobial protection 24/7
    • Low odour-very low VOC
    • Self priming on most surfaces
    • Soft touch technology
    • Mould and mildew protection
    • Superior opacity
    • 2 hour recoat


    • Inhibits 99.9% of bacterial growth
    • Asthma and allergy friendly
    • Ultra strong adhesion
    • Strong stain resistance
    • Burnish resistant
    • Excellent surface hiding
    • Easy water clean-up

    MicroShield product specs

    Clean-Up: Water
    Coverage: Up to 14 m2/litre, surface dependent.
    Volume Solids: 39%
    Touch dry: 30 minutes  

    Recoat: 2 hours
    Gloss Level: 6.2% @ 60 degrees 
    V.O.C: <1 gL

    *Please note that all our products contain ionic silver, unlike other products on the market which contain nano silver. According to researchers at Rice University, in order for silver to be effective in killing bacteria, it has to be in its ionised form. Nano silver is therefore benign in the presence of microbes.

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